March 12, 2005

Upcoming Meetings April, May, June

General Meetings: 7PM the third Thursday each month starting April 21st - locations to be announced.

MeetUps: 7 PM Tuesday April 5th at the Dusit Thai restaurant 2404 University Blvd. W. Wheaton, MD Directions. 7 PM Tuesday May 10th and 7 PM Tuesday June 7th Wheaton Library - 11701 Georgia Ave. - Wheaton, MD in Room #2 on the lowest floor. Directions / information.

Montgomery County residents are highly motivated, well informed, and politically savvy. We know how to get things done and make a positive difference. We promote fair election and campaign practices for meaningful participation in our democracy. We demand equal opportunity and civil rights, high quality education and health care, clean and safe neighborhoods, and secure retirement for all. We support progressive media to counter the right-wing corporate bias. We research and formulate policy, and organize events, fundraisers, and campaigns to advance our ideals.

Sign up here to get involved with the discussion and to get email updates. Watch this space for more events. Tell like-minded people about us so we can grow and increase our impact.

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