March 10, 2005

Montgomery County Progressive Alliance MeetUps

The Montgomery County Progressive Alliance works to ensure and advance equal and civil rights, clean and safe communities, high quality health care and education, secure retirement, freedom, fairness and opportunity for all.

We focus on local, state and national campaigns and issues to make a positive difference. We promote fair election and campaign practices, and meaningful participation in our democracy. We support and promote progressive media to counter the right-wing corporate bias in public discourse and reporting. We research and formulate policy, support causes and candidates, and organize events, fundraisers, and campaigns to advance our ideals.

National Democrats see Montgomery County Maryland as "safe." They consider our area a source of money and little else. True, we're safely Blue, but we're too valuable to take for granted. Montgomery County residents are highly motivated, well informed, and politically savvy. We know how to get things done.

Howard Dean built his operation as interactive from the grass-roots up. He succeeded beyond all expectations. This group will emulate that model as we pressure local and national politicians and media by organizing and leading protests, lobbying and public education efforts.

Our MeetUps generally meet the first or second Tuesday each month at the Wheaton Library in room #2 on the lowest floor to discuss and plan our efforts. Watch this space and sign up for email updates and discussion. Tell like-minded people about us so we can grow and increase our impact.

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