March 11, 2005

MC for Kerry Becomes the Montgomery County Progressive Alliance

At a general meeting on March 10, members of Montgomery County for Kerry voted to dissolve the organization and create a new one, the Montgomery County Progressive Alliance (MCPA).

The following mission statement was adopted: "Our mission is to promote progressive values, policies, and candidates for elected office in Montgomery County, throughout Maryland, and nationally."

The following were elected as members of the temporary steering committee: Mary Belle Feltenstein, Robert M. Colton, Mike Hersh, Art Fabel, Naomi Bloch, Tom Colbert, and Ben Vaughn. Thanks to outgoing steering committee members including Debbie Coburn, Hal Ginsberg, Ned Preston and others whose leadership and dedication cannot be replaced.

The next general meeting will be at 7:30 on Thursday, April 21, 2005, at a location to be announced.

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