January 17, 2009

typo in phone # Mike Hersh and Associates Consulting

typo in phone # Mike Hersh and Associates Consulting

Should be 301-933-7169

Talk about growing pains!

Mike Hersh and Associates Consulting
Serving Candidates, Organizations, and Issue Campaigns.

  •  Online and Traditional Outreach
  •  Online and Traditional Fundraising
  •  Special Events Planning and Support
  •  Political and Issue Campaign Management
  •  Media, Constituent, and Membership Relations
Contact: mikehersh@mikehersh.com 301-933-7169

Donna Edwards Campaign
credit:Washington Post

Services Provided by Mike Hersh and Associates:
  •  Developing and implementing fundraising, political and issue campaigns
  •  Planning and managing events, press conferences, meetings and special projects
  •  Recruiting, managing, and training members, volunteers, interns and staff
  •  Public and on airs peaking and issue advocacy for candidates, issues and causes
  •  Managing web-sites, blogs, message boards and other online communications media
  •  Writing releases, articles and profiles for radio, TV, newspapers and magazines
  •  Drafting and delivering mass email messages for issue campaigns and candidates
  •  Raising funds, donor relations, phone campaign management and benefit planning
  •  Designing and implementing action alerts, mobilizing and training citizen lobbyists
  •  Online organizing using blogs, websites, social networks, and web-based applications
  •  Advance work/troubleshooting for book tours, press conference, and large-scale events
  •  Designing and auditing procedures, mission statements and other fundamental policies
  •  Representing organizations and candidates at events, conferences, workshops, panels, etc.
  •  Developing legislative strategies, support and training for issues and organizations
  •  Managing legislative relations, outreach/coalition building and mobilization
  •  Consulting with elected officials, activists and experts on policy, strategy and tactics
  •  Managing membership communications strategies, organization and development
  •  Training volunteers, staff and interns on use of web-based applications
  •  Newsletter, leaflet and online publishing: writing, editing and distribution on deadline
  •  Managing simultaneous projects, creative problem-solving under pressure


Senator John Kerry

Healthcare Press Conference

Gov. O'Malley, Lt. Gov. Brown,
Sen. Pres. Miller, Speaker Busch,
Sen. Forehand, and Del. Manno

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