January 12, 2009

Inaugurate Progress event, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. tribute January 19

Help us honor and celebrate the legacy of peace, hope and justice on
January 19th--Martin Luther King Day on the eve of Barack Obama's
inauguration. $300 regular price. Contact me mikehersh@mikehersh.com for
a discount.

Gather and share intimate conversation with PDA Advisory Board Members
and friends:

Rep. Eric Massa, PDA-endorsed congressman from New York
Rep. Jim McGovern, Rules & Organization Subcommittee Chair
Tom Hayden, Author and peace activist
Medea Benjamin, Co-founder CODEPINK and Global Exchange
Jodie Evans, Co-founder CODEPINK
Thom Hartmann, Project-Censored Award winning, New York Times
best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio personality
John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for the Nation Magazine
Donna Smith, National Co-Chair PDA Heathcare NOT Warfare campaign

Music by Dan Reed

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