August 22, 2011

help save Rockville deer wrote:

Dear friends and colleagues,

Some of you have not yet heard about this, but I hope if interested you will contact me for more information.

[Please] alert your Rockville, MD membership to sign the petition which now has about 800 signatures and NONE from Rockville; and to write opposing the hunt to and to

Also to ask them to attend the Oct. 24 meeting where I hope each one of us will have signed up to the citizens' forum to make a 3 minute statement about the deer. I have myself bought many great posters, etc. we can use now to educate the public and at the meeting before it starts. 

I have contacted print and TV media.  And we will have a deer mascot there.

I have also now set up a chip-in for people to give money to help us get the word out to the public who is ignorant there is a hunt proposed. 

I maintain we have 2 Rockvilles leading to class warfare, and that many of the people who have turned their backs quite rudely on me from Rockville have done so as they are concentrated on getting someone re-elected to city council or to be mayor in early Nov.

Today Bob Barker wrote a letter to the mayor and council, and to the Gazette, and to the Washington Post.

Frankly, it would be great to hear from someone ... I know you are all busy, which is why I don't contact you constantly.

I would love your ideas as to what else you think I should do.

Thank you again, and as always,
Carol E. McCormick

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