July 15, 2011

Save the Dream / Save Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

1. TONIGHT Friday July 15th and ONGOING: Help us Save the Dream in Langley Park
2. Wednesday, July 20th lobby day to Save Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in Washington, DC
3. Progressive Coalition Meeting 7:30 PM Tuesday, August 9th in Wheaton
4. Support the Montgomery County Progressive Alliance, working for you:


1. TONIGHT Friday July 15 and ONGOING: Help us Save the Dream

It was a proud day last Spring when the Maryland Legislature passed the Dream Act, a terrific bill to extend in-state tuition to deserving young people. These are kids who've lived in our state, studied hard at our schools, and want nothing more than a chance to contribute to Maryland's economy as college graduates. With the high costs of college, the Dream Act is often their only chance at the American Dream.

There's been a great deal of confusion and misinformation about the Dream Act. It will not cost the state a lot of money. In fact, it would more than pay for itself as our young people learn, work, and contribute in our state. It will not deprive any child of documented parents a spot in our excellent Maryland State Universities. The Dream Act guarantees preference for the children of documented parents.

So why is the Dream Act at risk? A well-funded, largely out-of-state operation is spreading misinformation. They're trying to exploit the Dream Act as a wedge issue for political purposes. They used new, high-tech methods and a huge war chest to generate countless petitions to overturn the Dream Act. It seems the anti-Dreamers have the signatures they need to put this on the ballot, but not so fast! They didn't count on us!

You can help! Volunteers are working together to Defend the Dream. We need you to check the signatures to make sure they're valid. Early indications are that many of them may be questionable at best.

We'll meet this Friday, July 15th from 5 pm to 9 pm at CASA de Maryland 's offices:
8151 15th Avenue, Langley Park, MD 20783

If you want to live in a Maryland that honors the hard work of all our young people with the opportunity for higher education, please join us!


2. Join the Progressive Democrats of America's Wednesday, July 20th lobby day in Washington, DC.

Save Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Lobby Day

Progressive Democrats of America and allies will bring a simple message to Congress:
Don't cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. Let's Medicare negotiate prescription drug prices. Lift the cap so millionaires pay their fair share. End the wars, redirect funds to meet human needs. In honor of Medicare's Anniversary, we want to improve and expand the program, not cut it!

When: Wednesday, July 20. Meet at 10am or 2pm
Where: United Methodist Building,
100 Maryland Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002
(Metro: Union Station, Red line)

For more info/RSVP: http://bit.ly/lobby-7-20-11
Download the lobby day flyer , post on bulletin boards and hand out at meetings and events!


3. Progressive Coalition Meeting 7:30 PM Tuesday, August 9th in Wheaton

Combined MeetUp/Meeting for MCPA, DFMC, PDA, and more.
Progressive Coalition Meeting to plan future events and actions.

Saigonese Restaurant, 11232 Grandview Ave
Silver Spring (Wheaton), MD 20902
Public Transportation: Short walk from Wheaton Metro (red line)

Report on progress in our county and state on Healthcare, the Environment, Education, Labor, Transportation, Energy and other issues. We're building up our coalition and lobby efforts on the state and national level, planning special events, forming a steering committee, and working on meetings with legislators, and other organizations.


4. Support the Montgomery County Progressive Alliance; keep us working for you: http://bit.ly/mocoprogress

We're organizing efforts to help achieve progress on the issues you care about.

We're working with members of Congress and the Maryland General Assembly every day.

We're building coalitions to save Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, hold events, lobby, and more.

All this takes time and resources. We cannot continue to succeed without your generous support.

Please contribute whatever you can to keep making progress in Montgomery County, Maryland, and the USA.

Support the Montgomery County Progressive Alliance; keep us working for you: http://bit.ly/mocoprogress

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