June 29, 2011

Tell Our Senators: We All Deserve Full Equality

Tell Our Senators: We All Deserve Full Equality
Help Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment by 2015
Equal                 Rights Amendment 
Please join our call for equality! PDA members will be lobbying with our sister United for Equality coalition members in the Senate Wednesday and Thursday this week. We need your support! Your calls will help raise awareness for the visits. See below for background information, a call-in script, and tips for a successful call.
PDA stood up for equality with our allies
National Director Tim Carpenter said, "We strongly endorse Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin's Resolution [HJ Res 47] to 'remove the deadline for ratification and clarify that upon ratification by three additional states, the Equal Rights Amendment will be added to the United States Constitution.'"

PDA National Board Member Rep. Woolsey said: "It is with great pride that I stand with this bipartisan group in support of the long-overdue Equal Rights Amendment..... Here’s the text of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment, 'Section 1: Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.' Replace the word 'sex' with 'race', and there would not be a single dissenting vote in the entire United States Congress."
Please call during working hours through July 1st. You can follow up in about a week, and ask if your Senators have made any decision yet. For a direct line to your Senators, use this action alert.

Tips for a Successful Call
Ask to speak with the Senator's staffer working on constitutional and/or women's issues. If that person is unavailable, ask to leave a message on their voice-mail. Note: It's critically important to stress that you're calling to support a resolution removing the time limit from the ERA, not the "start over" new ERA legislation. Please limit your remarks to this issue only. Include your own experiences which pertain to the ERA. MORE INFORMATION: See: United4Equality.com and U4E's Facebook page.

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