January 21, 2010

gearing up for an exciting, important 2010

Get Involved: support progressive candidates and issues
If you live in the Montgomery County Maryland area--or support our efforts here--please join the Montgomery County Progressive Alliance. MCPA is local, independent coalition of organizations. MCPA organizes debates, forums and other events to inform the public and advance understanding and progress in Montgomery County.

We're gearing up for an exciting, important 2010. MCPA will endorse candidates and issue campaigns, educate the general public on issues, host events, and otherwise support progressive issues and campaigns as MCPA and in concert with other organizations. To achieve everything we should--to expand our meetings, hold more forums, extend outreach, and organize support for the best candidates--we ask you to become a paying member of MCPA now. Contact mikehersh@mikehersh.com to work with MCPA.  Become a paying member of MCPA.

Paying members will help us establish our priorities, allocate our resources, and make a real difference.  For the low cost of $25/year, about $2 per month,  you can participate in the changes you want to see in Montgomery County. Contribute online or bring payment to any event or meeting.

Paying members will be eligible to serve on committees (including the new steering committee), participate in charting our course into the next year including formulating the process through which we will nominate candidates and voting to endorse candidates for office in 2010. Organizations and individuals are eligible to join MCPA. They will also participate in our planning and decision-making processes governing our role in state and local elections.

Our committees will study and make recommendations for MCPA's positions on issues facing all levels of government including: health policy, transportation and land use, energy and environment, equality under the law, accurate and transparent elections, clean politics including public campaign financing and other fundamental changes in access to our government, affordable housing, access to needed services, protection from public or private violations of basic rights, respect and support for all members of our community--regardless of race, age, gender, sexual identity, national origin, creed, denomination, religion or lack thereof.

If you haven't yet: please join our Meetup Group, our Google Group, and our Facebook Group.

Please donate to support our ongoing meetings, public forums, website, and more, or bring payment to any event or meeting.  Sponsor our Meetup Group. Attend our meetings and events, join our committees, help us organize more events and develop or endorsement process.


Mike Hersh
Executive Director, Montgomery County Progressive Alliance

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