March 05, 2009

Urgent: Act TODAY to Protect Verifiable Elections in Maryland!

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Subject: Urgent: Keep Maryland on the Path to Verifiable Elections
[Please forward to all your friends, lists, groups, etc.]

We need your help to protect Maryland's path to trustworthy elections. Two
years ago, the Legislature passed a law to phase out unreliable touch
screen voting systems by 2010.

That victory is now in jeopardy. With the current budget climate, there is
talk of delaying implementation of the law. But paper ballot/optical scan
systems are cheaper to maintain and operate than touch screen voting
machines. This fact is not as widely known in Annapolis as it needs to be.

You can help to educate lawmakers. Send a letter to your legislators urging
them to continue Maryland's path toward more cost-effective and verifiable
voting systems. Go to this Web page to send a letter:

[Please use your own words--legislators receiving exactly the same message
tend to discount the effort. Show some originality, mention your delegate(s)
and state senator by name if you can.]

The state's current touch screen voting systems cannot prove their
accuracy, and do not allow meaningful recount. Please take action today to
make sure that the 2010 elections in Maryland are verifiable.

Thank you for all you do.

Best regards,
The Team at Verified Voting

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