February 12, 2009

These are the 14 issues/bills the Progressive Working Group is currently working on

These are the 14 issues/bills the Progressive Working Group is currently
working on

1. Combined Reporting--tax issue, requiring corporations engaged in
commerce inside and outside of Maryland to fully account for commerce
and pay tax liabilities in Maryland

2. Health Security Act--state-wide privately provided, publicly financed
healthcare system
3. Global Warming Act--limit green house gas emissions, based on
compromise between stakeholders, legislators, commercial interests, etc.

4. Defund ICC--withdraw general revenues support for the ICC project

5. In-State College tuition for all Maryland residents regardless of
their parents' documentation status

6. Oppose Real ID

7. Student Privacy re: Military Testing--protect students from use/abuse
of personal information

8. Keep MD Guard at Home--recognizing the lack of legal justification
for deploying Maryland Guard to Iraq

9. Electoral Integrity--requiring auditing of elections to guarantee
accuracy and increase public confidence

10. Religious Freedom Act/Civil Marriage--enforcing equal protection
under law for all Maryland residents regardless of religion or sexual

11. Gender Identity--recognizing specific rights for Maryland residents
regardless of gender identity

12. No spying--articulating limitations on "spying" activities by
Maryland law enforcement to address abuses/surveillance of law-abiding
groups and individuals

13. Public Campaign finance--a well-designed optional system of public
financing for General Assembly campaigns

14. Anti-Workforce Fraud--addressing the widespread misidentification of
employees as independent contractors.

Mike Hersh

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