January 28, 2008

Stop Telecom Immunity: Call Sen. Mikulski and Sen. Cardin now!


Stop Telecom Immunity: Call Sen. Mikulski and Sen. Cardin
at the Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121 now!

Despite Reid's recent pledge to oppose immunity for the telecom industry, he has brought forward one of two bills, both amended by the Senate Intelligence Committee, which contains… immunity!

Reid didn't have to do this. He could have championed the other bill, which eliminated immunity for the telecom industry.

So today, the Senate will vote to grant immunity to the telecom industry for their illegal spying on Americans, or they will protect our rights and the Constitution and vote no.

Call your Senators NOW at the Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121 and tell them to vote no on the FISA Amendment to allow immunity for the telecom industry.

We've let Bush trample on our civil rights long enough, without letting him-and the Democratic enablers Harry Reid and Dianne Feinstein—give a break to those corporations who willingly break the law. And don't let poor AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth tell you that they didn't know warrant-less wiretapping is illegal, or that they couldn't refuse; Qwest Communications saw it for what is was, and said, “No, thanks.”

The New York Times editorialized, just this past Saturday: “The Senate (reportedly still under Democratic control) seems determined to help President Bush violate Americans' civil liberties and undermine the constitutional separation of powers. Majority Leader Harry Reid is supporting White House-backed legislation that would expand the administration's ability to spy on Americans without court supervision and ensure that the country never learns the full extent of Mr. Bush's illegal wiretapping program.”

To learn more about the terrible cost of this immunity for those who helped break the law, read the ACLU's opinion.

Dial 202-224-3121 now--and tell your Senators to vote against any bill containing immunity for the telecom companies that are illegally spying on Americans.

In Solidarity,

Tim Carpenter
National Director

P.S. Since a Democrat is poised to become the next leader of the “free” world, and Edwards has already come out strongly opposed to telecom immunity, it will be interesting to see if Clinton and Obama assume the mantle of leadership and stand up for our rights by actually casting a vote to uphold the Constitution.

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