January 23, 2008

Free State Politics: Senate President Pledges Support for Progressive Principles

Senate President Pledges Support for Progressive Principles
by Mike Hersh Wed Jan 23, 2008 at 11:24 AM EST

Maryland Senate President Thomas V. "Mike" Miller. Jr. attended a
bloggers' meeting organized by Senator Rich Madaleno (District 18 ) in
Annapolis January 21 to discuss the upcoming session, the recent special
session, and Maryland politics. The two-hour gathering in the James
Senate Office Building also featured a fact-filled overview of state
finances by Sen. Madaleno, supported by District 20 Senator Jamie Raskin
and House of Delegates Majority Leader Kumar Barve (District 17).

President Miller recounted the accomplishments achieved during the
special session: extending health care to 100,000 Maryland residents,
increased funding for education and poverty programs, and creating new
opportunities in the state. In his customarily outspoken style, Sen.
Miller laid out the road map he believes the state will follow during
the 2008 session and onward--warning that many in the room "will not
like" all of it, but promising Governor Martin O'Malley will continue to
lead Maryland based on "progressive principles." [continued:


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