April 18, 2005

Newsletter April 18, 2005

Newsletter April 18, 2005

1. April 21 MCPA Meeting
2. Meeting Agenda and Actions
3. MCPA Officers (Update)
4. May 10th Conversation with Terry Lierman
5. Stay Informed and Involved
6. Manage Your MCPA Membership

--------------- 1. MCPA MEETING Where and When ---------------

General Meeting 7PM Thurs April 21
Earle B. Wood Middle School
14615 Bauer Dr
Rockville, MD 20853

Just off Rt. 28 (Norbeck Road)
Directions: http://tinyurl.com/877jn

Please bring sandwiches, salad, snacks, soft drinks, coffee, and dessert.

--------------- 2. Meeting Agenda and Actions ---------------

Speakers: Welcome and Guest Introductions - MCPA Steering Committee

Getting Out the Message:
Dan Rupli and Michael Day of Free-State PAC
Representative from Progressive Maryland
Representative from Democracy for America
Representative from Progressive Democrats of America

Voting Reform: Representative from TrueVote Maryland

Other Speakers: TBA

Short Discussion: MCPA Activities and Plans
Candidate forums, endorsements
MeetUps, Discussion Lists
Web Page, Newsletter, Outreach
Making a Real Difference with the Media and on Key Issues
Volunteers to Help Lead New Committees

Committee and Organization Sign Up:
Political Action - Tom Colbert: Candidate Forums & Voter Registration
Media and Messaging - Ben Vaughan and Bob Colton
Fundraising and Finance Committee - Mary Belle Feltenstein
Community Service / Outreach, Diversity, Interfaith - Naomi Bloch
Web & Newsletter Content and Technical - Mike Hersh and Art Fabel
Other Committees to be determined by you! - Volunteers
Guests and other organizations - Guests and others

--------------- 3. MCPA Officers ---------------

MCPA Co-Chair: Mike Hersh
mikehersh@mikehersh.com (301)-933-7169
MCPA Co-Chair: Naomi Bloch dodgebloch@hotmail.com (301)-299-1801
MCPA Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair: Mary Belle Feltenstein mbfelt@verizon.net
MCPA Media and Message Co-Chairs: Ben Vaughan bvaughan@adclawfirm.com and Bob Colton rcolto1932@aol.com
MCPA Political Action and Voter Registration Chair: Tom Colbert thomascolbert@netzero.net
MCPA Newsletter Editor: Art Fabel, artfabel@comcast.net (301)-460-5716
MCPA Web Editor: Mike Hersh, mikehersh@mikehersh.com

--------------- 4. May 10th Conversation with Terry Lierman ---------------

Two-way conversation with Maryland State Democratic Committee Chairperson Terry Lierman - Sponsored by Democracy for Montgomery County

We'll discuss plans and concerns for grass roots activists and the Maryland Democratic Party heading toward the 2006 races for Governor, Senator, Congress and more. We'll be in Room #2 on the lowest floor. Get there early! There are only about 100 total places.

When: 7PM-9PM Tuesday May 10th
Where: Wheaton Library, 11701 Georgia Ave. Wheaton, MD
Get Directions: http://tinyurl.com/5uoqs
More information: http://tinyurl.com/5ru2v

--------------- 5. Stay Informed and Involved ---------------

If you haven't already, join the Discussion group:

Visit this Blog and our Website: http://mc-progressivealliance.com/

Join our MeetUp Group: http://dfa.meetup.com/721/

Submit Action Alerts, Events, and Articles for publication at the Blog, Website and Newsletter to Art Fabel artfabel@comcast.net and Mike Hersh mikehersh@mikehersh.com

--------------- 6. Manage Your MCPA Membership ---------------

Tell your Montgomery County friends and others to sign up here:


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