April 13, 2005

Montgomery County Progressive Alliance Newsletter


Montgomery County Progressive Alliance Weekly Newsletter
April 13, 2005 - Events, Meetings, and Ways to Stay Active


Contents This Newsletter:

1. April 14 Meeting with Chris Van Hollen's Staff

2. April 18 Healthcare, Prescription Drugs, and You

3. April 21 MCPA General Meeting

4. May 10 Conversation with Maryland State Democratic Committee Chairperson Terry Lierman

5. Action Alerts: Doug Duncan, Martin O'Malley and More

6. Keep Informed and Involved - Visit the Blog, Discussion Group and Website.

7. Manage your Membership - Please update / verify your information.

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1. Meeting with Chris Van Hollen's Staff on Protecting Social Security from Privatization Schemes

Elly Shaw-Belblidia Rockville Democracy For America MeetUp Host organized a meeting with Congressman Chris Van Hollen's staff in cooperation with DFA and True Majority. Supporters across the U.S. are meeting with their Representatives on April 14 to discuss Social Security.

Here in the 8th Congressional District we have a fine Representative in Chris Van Hollen. We know he supports preserving Social Security and doesn't need convincing. Still, we want to meet with his staff with this purpose: to emphasize our support for a vigorous Democratic defense of Social Security, and to ask what we can do to help.

Elly scheduled a meeting with Joan Kleinman, Rep. Van Hollen's District Director.

When 9:15AM-10AM Thursday, April 14

Where: 51 Monroe St., Suite 507, in central Rockville. (We'll meet in the lobby first. Late arrivals should meet us upstairs but not if you're running too late.)

The office is walking distance from the Rockville Metro. There is a large parking lot in front of the Cinema.

Get Directions: http://tinyurl.com/66b8w
More information: http://tinyurl.com/5zb4p


2. April 18 Healthcare, Prescription Drugs, and You

Montgomery County Young Democrats are sponsoring a forum entitled Healthcare, Prescription Drugs, and You

When: 7:30PM Monday, April 18

Where: Silver Spring Library
8901 Colesville Road
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Get Directions: http://tinyurl.com/5qhvg
More information: http://tinyurl.com/5kcrv


3. MC Progressive Alliance General Meeting

We'll discuss important topics and establish committees and task forces. Bring some refreshments if you can.

When: 7PM-9PM Thursday April 21

Where: Earle B Wood Middle School in cafeteria (general purpose room)
14615 Bauer Dr
Rockville, MD 20853

Get Directions (CORRECTED!):
More information: http://mcprogressivealliance.blogspot.com/


4. Conversation with Maryland State Democratic Committee Chairperson Terry Lierman

Two-way discussion of plans and concerns for grass roots activists and the Democratic Party heading toward the 2006 races for Governor, Senator, Congress and more. We'll be in Room #2 on the lowest floor. Get there early as activists from all across Maryland will be attending and there are only about 100 total places.

When: 7PM-9PM Tuesday May 10th

Where: Wheaton Library, 11701 Georgia Ave.
Wheaton, MD

Get Directions: http://tinyurl.com/5uoqs
More information: http://tinyurl.com/5ru2v


5. Action Alerts: Doug Duncan, Martin O'Malley and More

Martin O'Malley Demands Fair Pay for Maryland Workers
More Information: http://tinyurl.com/52czq

Doug Duncan on Fair Share Health Care bill
More Information: http://tinyurl.com/6sdtj

Teach the Facts - Standing up for Montgomery County Students and School Board More Information: http://www.teachthefacts.org/

PAC for a Change - Election Reform and ANWR Boycott
More Information: http://www.pacforachange.com/

Help stop the right wing court packing plan
More Information: PFAW -
Action Resources: DNC - http://www.democrats.org/action
PFAW - http://www.pfaw.org/pfaw/general/


6. Stay Informed and Involved.

If you haven't already, join the Discussion group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MC_Progressive_Alliance/

Visit the Blog and Website to stay up to date:

Blog - http://mcprogressivealliance.blogspot.com/
Website - http://mc-progressivealliance.com/

Join our MeetUp Group: http://dfa.meetup.com/721/

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